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<img src=",413" srcset=";resize=1200,799 1200w,;resize=960,639 960w,;resize=720,479 720w,;resize=576,383 576w,;resize=360,239 360w,;resize=180,119 180w, " sizes="(max-width: 620px) 100vw, 620px" width="620" height="413" class="wp-image-20520 alignnone size-landscape_thumbnail" alt="Lauf Grit" title="Lauf Grit" /> <p>Rolling straight into your ears is Episode 6 of the <em>BikeRadar Podcast</em>. This month the King of <em>BikeRadar</em> (well, content director) Rob Spedding leads the charge with tech editor Tom Marvin and senior writer Matthew Allen in discussing Velominati’s The Rules, before delving into the gritty world of gravel bikes.</p>
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<p>‘The Rules’ are a set of maxims by which the keen road cyclist often feels he or she should live by. It could be argued as a tongue in cheek dig at the MAMIL who wants to emulate their road racing heroes, but there’s some method in the madness because many of the rules are actually rather sensible.</p>
<p>That said, there are numerous that clearly poke fun at the over-keen amateur cyclist, so we’ve picked a few of our favourites and delved deeper into their meaning.</p>
<div class="img-container img-container–landscape-thumbnail"><img src=";lb=620,413&amp;background=white" srcset=";lb=1112,740&amp;background=white 1112w,;lb=940,626&amp;background=white 940w,;lb=728,484&amp;background=white 728w,;lb=556,370&amp;background=white 556w,;lb=355,236&amp;background=white 355w,;lb=340,226&amp;background=white 340w,;lb=320,213&amp;background=white 320w, " sizes="(min-width: 992px) 940px, (min-width: 768px) 728px, (min-width: 576px) 556px, calc(100vw – 20px)" width="620" height="413" class="wp-image-313020 alignnone size-landscape_thumbnail img-container__image" alt="Peter Sagan’s Sportful socks also feature the rainbow stripes of the world champion" title="Sock length" data-source-name="Josh Evans/Immediate Media"></div>
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<figcaption class="wp-caption-text"><span class="caption-copy"><i class="icon-arrow icon-camera-circle"></i> Sock length – a key aspect of The Rules. Sagan seems to be toeing the line here, neither too long, nor too short.</span></figcaption><span class="im-image-caption"> <i>Josh Evans/Immediate Media</i></span>
<p>Next up comes a look at the growing gravel scene. What are gravel bikes? What separates them from cyclocross, endurance road and even mountain bikes? Should you consider getting one yourself?</p>
<p>With three professed gravel fans, maybe the whole thing gets an easy ride, but there’s definitely a case for a gravel bike being your N+1.</p>
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<h2>We want your feedback</h2>
<p>Given that this is only episode 6, and we’re still new to this podcasting game, if you have time we would really appreciate your feedback.</p>
<p>We’ve created <a href="">a very simple, very short, totally anonymous survey</a>, so please let us know your thoughts!</p>
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