Effetto Mariposa is fixing and preventing punctures for 2020

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<p><em>This video was produced in association with Effetto Mariposa.</em></p>
<p>Effetto Mariposa is perhaps best known for its Caffélatex sealant and posh torque wrenches. For 2020, the brand has launched the Tappabuco tyre plug, a worm-style puncture repair kit, and the Tyreinvader, an anti-flat insert. Both are designed for tubeless tyres.</p>
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<p>The Tappabuco insertion tool doubles as a bar plug so it can be inserted into the ends of both road and mountain bike bars, as well as the hole in common Shimano and SRAM cranks.</p>
<p>It’s available in 1.5mm and 3.5mm sizes to tackle different sized punctures, and the insertion tools are sized to match. Kits come with a tool and five plugs and, for maximum versatility, you can also buy a complete set containing both sizes.</p>
<p>The Tyreinvader is an anti-pinch-flat insert for tubeless tyres. It sits inside your tyre, preventing bottoming out in the event of a hard impact. It’s now available in five sizes, covering external rim widths of 18mm to 50mm.</p>
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