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<figcaption class="wp-caption-text"><span class="caption-copy"><i class="icon-arrow icon-camera-circle"></i> Liv hasn’t announced specific builds or pricing yet, but we’ve got images of three bikes with SRAM 1x drivetrains and RockShox suspension</span></figcaption><span class="im-image-caption"> <i>Liv</i></span>
<p><a href="">Liv</a> has just announced that its award-winning Intrigue trail bike will now be available in a more budget-friendly aluminium version.</p>
<p>The <a href="">women</a>‘s specific Intrigue occupies the same space in Liv’s lineup as the Trance does for its sister brand Giant, with 27.5in wheels and 140mm travel.</p>
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<p>After a two year hiatus in Liv’s range, the Intrigue was redesigned and relaunched in 2018, but only at the ‘Advanced’ product level, which according to the brand’s naming structure means a carbon frame and a hefty price tag.</p>
<p>Even with a full alloy frame, the new Intrigue still sees the brand’s Advanced Forge composite rocker, Maestro suspension setup and a 150mm fork.</p>
<p>The Liv Intrigue Advanced 1 impressed <em>BikeRadar</em> testers enough to be crowned the 2019 <a href="">Women’s Trail Bike of the Year</a>, so it’s good to see a lower-priced option making this bike accessible to more riders.</p>
<p>According to Liv, the Intrigue — as with all its bikes — is based around the 3F Design process, which includes thousands of data points about women’s anatomy, sizing variations, and muscle energy and outputs.</p>
<p>Liv is one of only a handful of brands that produces mountain bike frames with a specific geometry for female riders, with the majority of women’s mountain bikes on the market being based around a unisex frame and gender-specific finishing kit, such as saddles. There’s an ongoing debate about whether gendered frames provide a benefit, but that’s a whole other article.</p>
<p>The Intrigue ALUXX, like its carbon sister, will have room for a bottle cage inside the frame in every size and internal cable routing for a clean look.</p>
<p>As with the carbon version, it will have a Trunnion mount metric shock and Boost hub spacing, and Liv says the cockpit will feature 35mm diameter bars and a short stem, so that no handling precision is lost to flex.</p>
<p>Rolling on 27.5in wheels, the frame will accept up to a 2.6in tyre and of course will be tubeless-ready — we assume that this means the wheels will come with rim strips, valves installed and a bottle of sealant included in the box.</p>
<p>Interestingly, despite all three images showing bikes with 1x SRAM drivetrains (including what appears to be the yet-to-be-officially-launched <a href="">Eagle SX</a>), Liv says the Intrigue ALUXX will be compatible with a 2x drivetrain and front derailleur.</p>
<p>It makes sense, since the front derailleur tap does allow the brand to hit lower price-point builds.</p>
<p>Set to be available worldwide in the coming months, specific builds and pricing are to be announced.</p>
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