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If you’re on the hunt for something new, then Africa is still likely to serve up something to satisfy. Whether you choose to expand your horizons via something like the K2N Stage Race in Tanzania, or a race in South Africa, there is a lot to pick from. And now, the Quest Zimbabwe will run from 20-27 June, with 5 days of racing and two of sightseeing. But there’s a little more that’s different about this team event. The Quest Zimbabwe race will see 30 teams, of 4 MTB riders per team, traverse a circular 500km+ route through authentic African tribal trust lands and wild African bush, where wildlife and predators reign supreme.

This seven-day race brings together all the finest elements of the majestic Victoria Falls, one of The World’s Seven Natural Wonders, the mighty Zambezi River, the adjacent national parks and authentic African culture. Riders will be immersed in an adventure of a lifetime.

Quest Zimbabwe MTB MarathonMTB

The route will comprise common and restricted gravel roads, jeep tracks and game paths (regular paths that wild animals use to move through the bush), some of which have never seen the wheels of a bicycle.

Professional wildlife rangers, from Zimbabwe National Parks, will ensure the safety of riders in wildlife areas. It is not uncommon to encounter free-roaming elephants, baboons, monkeys and warthogs in Victoria Falls town. The race days and nights may present lion, hyena, hippo, buffalo, rhino, crocodile, to name a few. Riders will be briefed about the dangers and risks of the African wilderness and the precautions one should heed for safety. Emergency medical services and marshals will be visible and prepared throughout the journey.

Quest Zimbabwe MTB MarathonMTB

The magic that presents itself during the days and nights will leave an indelible mark on all those that dare to embark on this unique quest.

Quest Zimbabwe has been officially endorsed by the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority. The Zimbabwe National Parks officials have been an integral part of the Quest Zimbabwe ops team, establishing routes and overnight camps.

The accommodation for the entire programme includes 3 nights at Elephant Hills Resort (4* hotel in Victoria Falls town) and 4 nights camping in the wild. Package information is detailed on Quest Zimbabwe website.

Quest Zimbabwe MTB MarathonMTB

The Zimbabwean economy is certainly facing challenges, not for the first time! Being an international tourist destination of distinction, the town of Victoria Falls always escapes the worst economic woes of the rest of the country. It operates almost like an independent economic hub. Any shortages can be quickly met by easy access to Livingstone (Zambia) and Kasane (Botswana) just across the border. The many superb hotels and lodges function perfectly, shops are fully stocked and the tourism industry as a whole is flourishing.

Quest Zimbabwe MTB MarathonMTB

The Quest Zimbabwe team was in Victoria Falls recently (November 2018) and was impressed by the number of new tourism service providers including backpackers, pubs, restaurants and a brand new shopping mall. The town is buzzing!

For more details, head to the event website.

Quest Zimbabwe MTB MarathonMTB

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