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The route for the 2018 Sudety MTB Challenge has been revealed. The event team have been working tirelessly to combine three major changes for the race in 2018.

Firstly they wanted to decrease the number of race towns that the race visited, but without compromising the quality of trails in each stage.

Secondly the organisation wanted to have a shorter distance for the six day race.

Thirdly they wanted to combine the best segments in the history of the race while also finding completely new trails.

This isn’t an easy task!

Snaking through the forests in the Sudety MTB Challenge.

The 2018 race will commence in Stronie Śląskie and the finish line will be placed in Głuszyca, with only one stopover in Bardo. For you, and the organisers, this means less packing and unpacking, giving you a little more time in the morning and at the end of the day to relax, and enjoy your time in the small towns.

Stages for the Sudety MTB Challenge in 2018

Distances and elevations are noted for the Classic and Mega events in order.

Prologue: Stronie Śląskie

19.6 km
629 m

Stage 1: Stronie – Stronie

70.6 km / 47.6 km
2317 m / 1493 m

Stage 2: Stronie – Bardo

61.6 km / 47.1 km
2017 m / 1469 m

Stage 3: Bardo – Głuszyca

55.2 km / 47.5 km
1981 m / 1604 m

Stage 4: Głuszyca “Ultra”

63.4 km / 43.6 km
2314 m / 1517 m

Stage 5: Głuszyca “Nitro”

62.7 km / 42.4 km
2503 m / 1579 m

As usual the terrain will be very diverse with all the trail types and surfaces that a mountain biker could ever desire. Poland truly delivers on a raw mountain bike experience. From technical trails in the forest to fast forest roads and steep descents into old villages. It’s a really well-rounded event that ticks a lot of boxes for racing, trails, friendships and travel experiences.

The distances may not be very long, but the combination of technical requirements and elevation makes the race pretty taxing. So it’s high time to start your preparation now!

For full details head to the race website.


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