Video: Chris Akrigg redefines what’s possible on a gravel bike

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<p><a href="">Chris Akrigg</a> is back with another outrageous video, this time pushing a <a href="">gravel bike</a> to its limit in the trials legend’s trademark style.</p>
<p>Gravel bikes are often touted as <a href="">the ultimate N+1</a>, with the versatility to ride hard on the road and venture off the beaten track. Put a gravel bike in Akrigg’s hands – he’s riding a Mongoose Guide – and, well, just watch the video.</p>
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<p>Interestingly, Akrigg’s Mongoose is fitted with a <a href="">Fox AX fork</a>, launched in 2017 as a mixed-terrain fork with 40mm of travel.</p>
<p>The fork has three options for compression damping – open, medium, and lockout with blow-off – and is aimed at gravel riders who want to get more out of their drop-handlebar bike.</p>
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