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Run stronger by engaging more of your key core muscles with this effective exercise. 

Planks are a simple and effective tool to improve our posture and core strength for more connected running. A single-arm plank further challenges us by increasing the demands on our shoulder stability and our ability to resist the crazy rotational forces that occur with every step we take.

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Further, the single arm plank demonstrates that core stability in running doesn’t just generate from one single muscle, but rather from a systematic and integrated engagement of every muscle and body part.

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To run strong, not only do we need to learn how to move in this connected, engaged manner, but we also need to do it while stressed and fatigued in order to simulate those later miles in a race.

For this exercise, start with 3 x 30-second planks, alternating arms every 3-5 seconds. See if you can work up to 3 x 60-90-second planks holding those single arms for 15-20 seconds at a time. You’ll be running stronger and more connected in no time.


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